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CUDO Plays hosting fifth annual Grand Exhibition on Sunday

Game enthusiasts rejoice! Sunday, March 11th from 1 to 8 p.m. you can head over to Broadway Food Hall to be a play games designed by CUDO Plays, a local board game competition. The event is free, and there are games available for all skill levels. Here’s more info from their website:

CUDO Plays, your local Board Game Design Competition, is excited to announce that it’s holding its fifth annual Grand Exhibition on Sunday, March 11th from 1-8pm at the brand new Broadway Food Hall in Urbana!

CUDO Plays brings together local gamers, designers, and makers to build unique, homemade board games. Twenty-two teams submitted original board games this season and the Grand Exhibition will give them an opportunity to show them off to the public and commemorate their efforts. Each game will be playable by attendees. At the end of the evening, teams will be awarded prizes for excellence in the following categories: Accessibility, Marketability, Replay Value, Craft, Visual Design, Enrichment, Innovation, and Theme.

This is a free, family-friendly event, and anyone with an interest in board gaming or design is invited to stop by and experience the wonderful local creations. There will be a diverse range of games, everything from building contraptions to win a Queen’s favor to jamming out in a band! With a delightful mix of eclectic genres and skill levels, there’s something for everybody.

A breakdown of the Grand Exhibition:
1pm – 5pm: Gaming
5pm – 7:00pm: Dinner, featuring the restaurants and bar of Broadway Food Hall!
7:00pm: Awards Ceremony

CUDO Plays is sponsored mainly by local businesses, with prizes provided by Gopher Mafia Games, Live Action Games, Titan Games, Dr. G’s Brainworks, Volition, the Indie Game Alliance, Print and Play Games, and The Game Crafter.

For more information about CUDO Plays, please visit

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