Smile Politely

Dance and key party in downtown Champaign

This Thursday, from 8-10, Figure One is hosting an interestering event. It’s a two-part event: a key party and a dance performance. First of all, it’s not that kinda key party. It is a USB key party — people are asked to arrive to the gallery with a USB drive loaded with data of any kind: music, images, text — drives will be exchanged at random and attendees will leave the event with a different one. Pretty nifty idea and it will be interesting to hear about what people find on their new drive — unless they go home with a drive chocked full of …well, it’ll still be interesting to hear what was on their drive.

The second part of the event is a performance by Olivia Henry, a senior in choreography at NYU. Her piece is titled, “G IRL” and she will be performing from Greepoint in Brooklyn, NYC via Skype.

This event deviates from the usual gallery experience — so, definitely check it out.


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