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Dance Music Therapy announces summer sessions

Dance Music Therapy, a community dance party program that was first established last summer, have announced the dates for this year’s sessions. The concept of Dance Music Therapy is simply to provide, quote, “Space for people to dance, enjoy music, and connect with positive people.” It’s a chance to let it all hang out with people from all walks of life who are there to do the same. The first session takes place this Saturday starting at 1 p.m.

The event is free and open to all ages, and each session takes place at the Crystal Lake Park lake house in Urbana. See the official press release below for more information.

The concept behind Dance Music Therapy (DMT) is fairly simple – Terrance and Kamau love sharing music that makes them feel good with other people. Whether it’s recalling a song that gave them chills the first time they heard it or a memorable night at a party watching a DJ move the crowd, Terrance and Kamau wanted to bring this experience to the Champaign-Urbana community. Recognizing that the nightclubs of the 1970’s were respites for marginalized people, DMT is a safe space for all people to dance, express themselves, and connect with positive people. The music played at DMT is rooted in the African American traditions of soul, disco, jazz, hip-hop, and house and also encompasses music from the Diaspora including Africa, the Caribbean, and South America.

– What is DMT?

DMT was created in the summer of 2016 and is space for people to dance, enjoy music, and connect with positive people.

– Can anyone come to DMT?

Yes. Bring yourself, your family, friends, and children. DMT is safe and all-inclusive space for people to celebrate and socialize. We believe music has the healing power to bring people together so come in peace.

– What type of music will I hear at DMT?

A little bit of everything, as Terrance and Kamau often play music based on their inspiration in that moment. Primarily you will hear music to make you dance including house, Afro house, world music, soul, disco, and hip-hop. You may hear some familiar songs although it is also possible that you may hear some music that you have never heard before, so come with an open mind. To hear some music that Terrence and Kamau play, check some of their DJ mixes on Mix Cloud:

DJ KamauMau
DJ Terrance

– Do I have to dance?

The party is called “Dance Music Therapy” so we are hoping that people will come to dance and enjoy themselves. Not only has research suggested that dancing improves mood and cognitive skills, and increases strength and agility, but it is just plain fun. We encourage you to get lost in the music and dance like no one is watching.

– Will there be food?

There are tables and benches at the park so feel free to pack some food and drink and hang out. There is a possibility, later in the summer, that we will have a food truck on site so stay tuned for further details.

We have four dates scheduled for the events:

June 17, 2017 from 1pm-9pm
July 29, 2017 from 1pm-9pm
August 19, 2017 from 1pm-9pm
September 9, 2017 from 1pm-9pm

All events will take place at the Crystal Lake Park Lake House.

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