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Deadspin blasts Illinois Football – again

In what is certainly a stale and overdone trope, Deadspin took to the internet today to publish a piece entitled “Illinois Is Paying Lovie Smith A Lot Of Money For This Shit“, and featuring another picture of a half-empty fan section.

I get it – Illinois Football is bad. It’s more fun to think of funny things to tweet during the game than watch the actual game. Perhaps we’ve just gotten used to being bad by now, but honestly, why are people still so infatuated with the fact that a bad team doens’t inspire their fans?

That’s not a remarkable phenomenon at all. The first time, it was funny, the second time, it was bordering on annoying, but this latest piece is the definiton of beating a dead horse. It’s the equivalent of someone saying “Ha ha, look at the bad team. Their fans don’t even want to come to the games (imagine that?) because they’re bad.”

No shit, Deadspin. We know we’re bad. We’re working on it. Pick on a team who pays athletes or has fake classes instead. Let us lose in peace.

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