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Developmental Services Center is in need of art supplies

Here is an easy way to help a local organization. Developmental Services Center is looking for donations of art supplies. Their Employment Services Program and Community Day Services program will be putting together kits for their respective programs. Here is what they need:

Employment Services Kits:

10 Water color pallets                      
10 Packs of crayons
10 Packs of markers
10 Packs of colored pencils
2 Sets of glue sticks 5-pack
4 Packs of erasers 3-pack
10 lbs. air drying clay
10 Set of oil pastels
10 Blunt tip scissors
2 Sets of construction paper
2 Sets of water color paper
10 Sketch pads
2 Boxes of gallon ziploc bags to make art kits
10 Pencil sharpeners
5 Packs of number two pencils
2 Packs of variety paintbrushes
green, blue, indigo and violet.

Community Day Services Kits:

Large jugs of acrylic paints in primary colors and black and white
White glue
Heavy duty aluminum foil
Jewelry making supplies
Blank cards
Old sheet music
Vintage magazines for collage projects

Drop items in their collection bin outside the office at 1304 W. Bradley, anytime Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Deadline to drop off is July 2nd.

Image from Developmental Services Center Facebook page.

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