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Do you know this famous Illinois alumnus?

A picture of a large brick building, sitting at the top of a large flight of concrete stairs. The sun is hitting the tops of the buildings with warm golden light. There are green bushes next to the stairs.
Krannert Center for the Performing Arts Website

This week the New York Times featured University of Illinois alumnus Alan Ruck. In the interview about the end of Succession, the actor (who is also well known for playing Cameron in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) speaks about his time at the U of I fondly, “As a student at the University of Illinois, he said, he spent most of his time on a stage. The college’s performing arts complex was designed by Max Abramovitz, the architect behind David Geffen Hall, but ‘there was another sort of student theater that was just a small theatrical space in an armory,’ Ruck said. ‘They’d give you a budget of 25 bucks, and you could put on any play you wanted. So it’s just a lot of experience over a short period of time.’” To some of us at Smile Politely it is well known that Ruck is an alum, while others had no idea. Wherever camp you fall in, you can see him in his current role in Succession until the end of the season.

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