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Dr. Safiya Umoja Noble broke down the white patriarchy in one fell swoop

If only it were that easy. For now, we’ll just have to appreciate the victories when they come on a platter, served by those who dished it out with which to begin. 

To wit: 

Former UIUC professor Dr. Safiya Umoja Noble just released what appears to be one of the most important research based books about the nature of racism and prejudice in the modern era.

You’ll note that I stated that it appears to be one, and that is because I haven’t read it. As such, I wouldn’t pretend to know either way, outside of what the early reviews are stating, and because of this sad, yet amusing reminder of a tale too often told.

I’ll not rehash the whole thing here. Gizmodo did a fine job of that yesterday, which is why we are giving it some local ink. 

Needless to say, this one made me literally SMDH and then also chuckle, just thinking of the way she must have cocked her head as she read the initial tweet. The ensuing engagement is all too familiar these days. That it involves someone who made such a big impact during her time here, well, that’s called “News” where Smile Politely is concerned. 

Normally, I’d say something about how Safiya should go on being her badass self, but she already knows that, and doesn’t need to hear it from the likes of me, that is for damn sure. I’m part of the problem. But at least I can recognize it. 

Image courtesy Flickr / Personal Democracy

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