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Ebertfest 2017: Photos from Day Three

Welcome back to my Ebertfest photo journal. Here are ten meaningful shots from yesterday’s festival. 

I started my day off by stopping in Cafe Kopi for a sandwich. I asked them to just put it in a napkin so I could eat while I walked, but they did me one better, the put it in this paper bag. It was great! Eating the sandwich was easy while I walked and I could feel the warmth of the bread in my hands without getting my hands oily. 

After eating my sandwich I went and took a photo with the Ebert statue. I wish there was a standard hashtag that we all used to tag a photo with Ebert so that we could see all of the photos that people take with the statue. I’m looking at you Ebert Fest. coordinators!

Moviegoers stopped to read about some of Ebert’s history here locally. Among the poster is Ebert’s drivers license from when he was a young man. 

Wieskamp is providing the swag this year and the prices on point for these t-shirts. Only $10. Just think, you’re buying a t-shirt at a local festival, made by a local business. Win, win, win. 

They’re also offering tote bags, hats, books, and coffee mugs. 

Variete  was a silent film with a live score. Notice the orchestra playing down in the right hand corner.  

July and Half of August was a short film shot in a dive bar in Las Angelas.

They Call Us Monsters was a film about juvenile offenders in California who face life in prison. During the film, the kids get to take a class on screenwriting and you can see how well they are able to work through their feelings about their life through the artistic expression. 

The panel afterward was led by an reviewer who opened the panel by saying, “You can see how much engaging with art benefited these children. I can’t help but think about how we have a president in office who does not value the arts.” That statement only got a half-clap from the audience. 

Finally the night closed with Elle. An intense film about rape, sexuality, desire, family, suspense, and mystery. The film was introduced by the lead actress, Isabelle Huppert, who is an absolute powerhouse of an actor. 

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