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Ekta R. Garg’s latest book is In the Heart of the Linden Wood

Screenshot of the top portion of the cover of Ekta R. Garg's newest book, In the Heart of the Linden Wood. The cover shows the top of a castle, with a pink and purple sky. The text is white.
Ekta R. Garg’s Instagram page

Ekta R. Garg, Champaign-Urbana-based author of The Truth About Elves, has a new book that will be released on February 7th. In the Heart of the Linden Wood tells the story of King Christopher, who must overcome his own grief to find out what is killing the magic trees in his kingdom. Here’s the synapsis, from Garg’s website:

How do you overcome a broken heart?

For generations, the magic trees have supported the kingdom of Linden. The wood is prized in kingdoms everywhere for its special properties. It’s one of the few good things King Christopher inherited from his late father, the evil King Vincent.

Vincent also gifted Christopher a lack of confidence. The only person who believes in Christopher is Queen Lily. When he loses her and their only child, Christopher’s grief threatens to undo him. The love of his life has returned to the fates, and now all he wants to do is spend his days mourning her.

Then word comes that the trees are dying, and no one knows why.

Despite the urge to hide in the castle forever, Christopher meets the mysterious Keeper of the Wood to find out what’s killing the trees. The answer demands he go on a quest with old friends and new allies. Along the way, they’ll try to save hostages and mend another broken heart by putting it back together piece by piece.

Through it all, Christopher will fight to conquer his doubt and prove to his people, the memory of Lily, and himself that he deserves the crown.

If you preorder the book now, you’ll receive a signed copy


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