Smile Politely

Engagements/Civil Unions/Marriage announcements in Smile Politely

In order to further promote the Gay Agenda, I am now offering my services to Champaign-Urbana’s same-sex couples who would like to publish their various partnership announcements in Smile Politely.

Reasons why announcing your official partnership or ceremony (whether state-approved or not) in Smile Politely will be Fabulous:

  • We will not demand “proof” of your civil union. We believe you.
  • We will accept all announcements, including engagements and marriages (performed anywhere in the U.S. and abroad).
  • No forms! Describe your ceremony any way you’d like.
  • Color photos!
  • It’s free!

Announcements will be published weekly on Sundays. Please send all announcements, images, cake to me, Tracy Nectoux.

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