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Espresso Royale announces gift card special

If you love Espresso Royale Coffee (or any of their other drinks/food), prepare yourself for perhaps their most remarkable deal yet. This Black Friday, on November 27th, Espresso will be giving out a $25 gift card completely free with the purchase of a $100 gift card (or $35 for $30 if that’s too steep), which is basically free money if you drink a cup of coffee a day. This deal is also accompanied by the standard Espresso seasonal drink lineup, including Peppermint Bark Mochas, Gingerbread Lattes, Eggnog Lattes, and Ginger Chai Lattes.

If you, like any normal functioning coffee-addict, can predict that you’ll be spending at least $100 dollars at an Espresso at any point in the future, then this deal is for you. Don’t miss out. It’s a guaranteed win.

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