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Experience an intimate evening of music with Kelsey Waldon at Rose Bowl Tavern

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On Thursday evening, the Rose Bowl Tavern will host an intimate evening of music with singer/songwriter/guitarist Kelsey Waldon as she celebrates the release of her highly anticipated new album, No Regular Dog. Known for her captivating storytelling and soulful melodies, Waldon delves into the joys and challenges of pursuing dreams in her latest collection of songs.

No Regular Dog showcases Waldon’s talent for crafting raw and heartfelt compositions. The album chronicles her personal journey of self-doubt, sacrifice, and wisdom, delivering a powerful message of courage and following one’s heart. Backed by her talented band members and featuring guest musicians like Doug Pettibone, Waldon’s music draws inspiration from bluegrass, soul, and country rock.

Experience Waldon’s authentic and moving performances as she takes you on a musical journey, presenting tracks from her new album and her previous releases. This is a unique opportunity to experience Waldon’s exceptional talent and be a part of the celebration surrounding her latest musical offering. Join us for an evening filled with soul-stirring melodies, genuine storytelling, and a celebration of music that moves us.

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