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Experience Champaign-Urbana is launching an Art in C-U passport

Two in the hand sculpture by Michael Young. A large white flowing sculpture set amidst tall trees and grass.
Urbana Park District

Last summer, Experience Champaign-Urbana introduced their new “experience passes” program, with the intent to encourage all of us to get out and see and do things in C-U. Their first “passport” was C-U in Asia, and offered incentives for frequenting the many Asian restaurants we have here.

Now, they are turning to the art scene with their Art in C-U passport, which “features 200 pieces of public art from murals to sculpture in our parks, urban districts, and the University of Illinois campus.” You sign up for the pass on their website, then begin seeking out public art in our community, guided by the GPS function within the passport. Once you’ve checked in at 50 different locations, you’ll get to choose a t-shirt, sweatshirt, hat, or tote from the Chambana Proud store.

If you haven’t tried the C-U in Asia passport experience yet, that’s okay! It’s still available. Now you can combine food and art and make a whole day of it.

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