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Farren’s Weekend Specials, October 18-20

Farren’s has posted thier weekend specials. Venison, bison, tuna, and mac & cheese. Oh yes. 

Creamy tomato parmesan

Fresh pan seared walleye on mashed potatoes with lemon herb cream and grilled asparagus

Fresh fried walleye with lemon caper aioli, fries and a house salad

Beef stew on mashed potatoes with green beans

Southwest crabcake sandwich with chipotle aioli, fries and a tossed salad with chipotle ranch

Tuna burger topped with Asian slaw and served with fries and a house salad

The Italian Beef Burger
Our half pound beef burger topped with housemade Italian beef, horseradish cheddar cheese. pepperoncinis and served with fries and a house salad

The Buck Burger
Venison burger topped with bacon, cherry bourbon onions and brie, served with fries and a house salad

Chipotle bison burger topped with pepperjack, and served with Cajun remoulade, fries and a house salad

Housemade three cheese mac ‘n’ cheese
Chipotle bacon mac ‘n’ cheese


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