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Find sweets, treats, and lattes with Champaign Center Partnership

A large waffle topped with sliced bananas and strawberries, a big dollop of whipped cream, and chocolate drizzle.
Champaign Center Partnership website

No matter what your feelings are about Valentine’s Day, I think we can all appreciate the fact that C-U’s dessert game is on point during this time. You don’t need to officially recognize the holiday to indulge in some sweet things. This year, Champaign Center Partnership is encouraging this with a little promotion called Sweets, Treats, & Lattes.

On their website, you’ll find several establishments in Champaign’s Downtown, Midtown, or Campustown that have a special sweet or drink on their menus. Treats include La Bahia’s Waffle Loco, Cupid Cannoli from Martinelli’s, and chocolate strawberry layer cake from Pekara, and more. You can eat and drink tasty things and get prizes for doing it by completing simple actions such as collecting stickers when you purchase one of the featured items, taking photos and posting your reviews, and completing a bingo sheet.

Stay tuned to the event page for detailed rules and the list of possible prizes. The promotion will run from February 13-19.

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