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Friends of the Boneyard seeks community feedback

Friends of the Boneyard, a local community organization in Urbana, is working on getting feedback from community members on what they’d actually like to see and experience at different segments of the Boneyard Creek Redevelopment. FOB wants to see these places be truly engaging for all members of the community – by incorporating elements (such as activities, infrastructure, etc.) that will assist in the sustainability and community aspects of the redevelopment.

What can the community and city do to make these places alive and support the development of Urbana, its downtown, and community opportunities? To answer this, the Friends will be working with a class in Fine and Applied Arts at the University to survey residents and businesses in five different Urbana wards on this upcoming and next Saturday morning, in order to ensure that community input is incorporated into next stages of planning. Chances are some of these University students will be knocking at your door – so please, let them know your thoughts! If you’d like to answer the survey and are not visited, please contact the group at their address below, and they will send you a copy of the survey for you to fill out as well.

Friends of the Boneyard understands that not all residents see this change as a positive one. Because of this, they would like to really focus on each neighborhood and its residents in order to best understand what would work for their particular community and perhaps work toward finding potential alternatives, should that be wanted. If you would like to be part of a focus group on the section nearest your neighborhood, please indicate so on the survey, or email the group at the address below.

The class is run by Action Research Illinois, which is known for their work with the East Saint Louis Action Plan. The shared goals of equality, sustainability, access and community are what the partnership is based off, and particularly that of engaging students in their local communities.

Friends of the Boneyard
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