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Gallery Art Bar showcasing local singer-songwriters with Blue Velvet Couch Series

The image features a dark blue velvet couch with studded detailing on its arms and bottom, prominently displayed against a gradient blue background. To the right, there are four individuals. The first person is wearing a black top, the second is in a pink outfit with long hair, the third has shoulder-length hair and wears a black outfit, and the fourth person is an older individual wearing glasses and a red shirt. The phrase “Blue velvet couch Series” is written in cursive neon purple text over the couch.
Blue Velvet Couch Series at Gallery Art Bar

Gallery Art Bar in Urbana is set to launch a captivating new music series, the “Blue Velvet Couch Series,” promising an intimate and soulful experience for the performers and audience alike. The series kicks off this Friday, January 26th, and offers a unique setting where the audience can immerse themselves in the raw, emotive power of singer-songwriters, connect with the music on a personal level, all the while surrounded by the inspiring ambiance of the Gallery Art Bar.

This inaugural event showcases a lineup of exceptional solo artists, including the talented Emily Anne, Fiona Kimble, Emily How, and Paul Kotheimer. Each artist brings their unique voice and storytelling to the stage, creating an evening of diverse and powerful musical expressions. The Blue Velvet Couch Series highlights individual musical talent in our area, set against the backdrop of Urbana’s vibrant arts scene. This music series is ideal for those who cherish the intimate bond between artist and audience in a cozy, artistic setting.

Blue Velvet Couch Series
Gallery Art Bar
F January 26th, 7 p.m.

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