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Get good stuff without getting up early at the Champaign Farmers Market

A table with a blue tablecloth is covered with rows of packages of bread with white labels.
Julie McClure

Look, I love Urbana’s Market at the Square. Love the vibes, love the many options. However, there are some advantages to swinging by the Champaign Farmers Market on Tuesday afternoon/evenings. Right now things like strawberries and asparagus are in high demand. If you don’t get to the Urbana market early, you run the risk of missing out. And sometimes (maybe most of the time) I am just incapable of leaving my house before 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning. I easily snagged a container of them this afternoon.

Also, the later in the morning you go, the longer the line is at CI Bakehouse. I love that I can just walk right up to the table on a Tuesday afternoon. There is a smaller selection, to be sure, but for picking up some bread to compliment your dinner, or even an afternoon treat, it’s perfect.

We are certainly fortunate to have multiple market options, for all sorts of shoppers.

Champaign Farmers Market
Neil and Washington
Tu, 3 to 6 p.m.

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