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Get a cool gift for that gift exchange

In an effort to simplify present-buying a bit, the adults at my in-laws’ have started a new tradition…a white elephant gift exchange. Now I know that a true white elephant gift exchange involved buying something kind of wacky to contribute, or even regifting an item that you are trying to get rid of. In our exchange, we’ve agreed to purchase items that would useful or desirable to have, with a reasonable money limit. It can make the whole “stealing” aspect of the exchange a little more intense.

Do you have a gift exchange coming up? Either with family or friends? Here are some ideas. 

Bentley’s White Lie Coffee Tequila

This tasty beverage made our C-U Food and Drink March Madness tournament bracket a few years back. This is a good way to introduce non-C-U friends and family to a local classic, or make a Bentley’s regular very happy. Right now, they are selling to-go containers of their house-infused tequila in 8 ounce ($20) and 16 ounce ($40) sizes. You need to stop by the bar to purchase, and they are first come first serve until they are gone.

Naughty or Nice coffee gift box from Columbia Street Roastery

You could also go the regular coffee route. CSR has these fun Naughty or Nice gift boxes for just $20. They include a bag of coffee, seasonal coffee packets, Monin syrup, and then either hot chocolate or “lump of coal” cookies, depending on your box choice. 

Blindfold Game

A few weeks ago we shared about SP writer Tom Ackerman’s board game, Blindfold, being available at The Literary. This seems like a great family or friend gathering game, one that you could open up and play right away. Everyone wins!

A kitchen gadget from Art Mart

Art Mart has a lot of unique kitchen items at all sorts of price points. I was there this week and saw a fun popcorn popper for the microwave (pictured above). I detest bags of microwave popcorn, but it’s also kind of a process to get out the popcorn popper or do it on the stove. This allows you to use good popcorn and seasonings, but have the ease of using the microwave.

Cannabis holiday special from NuEra

Take a little cannabis to the family gift exchange…why not! Especially if you know there are people in the midst who partake. NuEra has this Holiday Pre-Roll 3 pack that comes with three pre-rolls for $33.60. If you think an edible might be the better way to go, they have this festive Sweet Life By Hanna’s Baked For the Holidays Chocolate Chip Cookie for $25. It’s 50mg, so if anyone is a lightweight like me they will need to make that thing last, or break it up to share. Alyssa had some holiday edible recs too, with some good low-THC options.

Top photo by Julie McClure.

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