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Giant mushrooms are popping up in Urbana

It’s a hot and humid week here in C-U, and while most of us humans find the muggy weather a drag, the mushrooms are loving it. A circle of these “False Parasol” mushrooms emerged from the earth on Nevada street in Urbana Monday morning, about 10” each in diameter!

A semi-circle of large, white, circular mushrooms, from the view of the camera person looking down. You can see the person's shoes in the shot, which are similar in size to the mushrooms. Photo by Maddie Rice.Photo by Maddie Rice.

Quite the looker, but according to my mushroom identifying app PictureMushroom, these puppies are toxic. In fact, their common nickname is “Vomiter”, so don’t mistake these for their friendly edible cousin the “Meadow Mushroom”.

Close up of a few large mushrooms in the grass. Photo by Maddie Rice.Photo by Maddie Rice.

Keep an eye out for more fungi in your neighborhood this week, and always use caution while admiring wild mushrooms.

Top photo by Maddie Rice

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