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Gifts your mom actually wants this Mother’s Day

A pilates studio with pilates reformer machines on individual rugs in front of half frosted tall windows. There are buildings visible through the window.
Louise Knight-Gibson

Before I dive in, I just want to acknowledge that Mother’s Day can be a really hard day for so many people (myself included). Whether you have lost a mom, have a strained relationship, are trying to be a mom, want to be a mom and can’t, or have lost children, this day can bring up a lot of grief, so please take care of yourselves. 

I see these types of articles every year and I’m convinced they are rarely written by people with children. Can I make a bold statement? Moms don’t want to do more work on a day meant to celebrate them. Please don’t make us make our own reservations, spend time doing outdoor labor, or any other chaotic activity. Moms are tired. So I’m giving some unsolicited advice about mothers day gifts that we really want. You can also check out my previous gift guides (here and here) for places to shop.  

Give her the delightful experience of a stretch session

I tried a stretch session with Living Legacy Pilates last year and it was incredible. People might not like the idea of a massage for various reasons, but getting stretched in a comfortable environment while fully dressed is relaxing and also feels great. This is a unique gift for moms of all ages. 

Living Legacy Pilates Studio Stretch Sessions
44 E Main St 
Hours by appointment
$165 for your first three 50-minute stretch sessions

Gift her an hour of pure bliss

Manicures are great but laying in a low light, quiet room while Drea Riley of Blue Moon Aesthetics uses soft brushes and hot towels to apply and remove potions to your face is infinitely better. I have done this and can confirm it was an absolute delight. 

Blue Moon Aesthetics 
105 N Mattis Ave Suite 18 
Hours Vary
Prices Vary 

And make those reservations

And not because “moms are in the kitchen and need a break,” we don’t subscribe to that. But who doesn’t like someone telling you exactly where and when you’ll be eating? Do yourself a favor and make your breakfast/brunch plans now. I asked Alyssa Buckley, our Food and Drink Editor, for some suggestions. Her favorites were Neil St. Blues, Silvercreek, and Pekara (the best thing is you can order ahead and pick it up for a breakfast in bed situation). If breakfast isn’t your thing, scroll through the F&D section and head out for lunch or dinner.

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