Smile Politely

Go to Cafe & Co for the coffee, stay for the art and design

Whether you settle in with your laptop (and free wifi) or grab a coffee to go, fans of Urbana’s Cafe & Co know it’s got what you need for a productive work session or meeting. But if you need some creative inspiration along with your liquid motivation, take a break and enjoy these two art and design experiences. Up near the register you’ll find local illustrator Matt Wiley’s suitcase of “interesting things,” which contains copies of his wonderful book My Cat is Depressed, along with some must-have stickers and pins. While the “Ooo Shiny” definitely spoke to my wandering mind, I couldn’t pass up the “AAAAAaaaaaaaa” pin and the “Meh” cat sticker (which ties in with the book). It’s been that kind of week, and these treasures made me feel seen.

Vintage suitcase filled with the children's book 'My Cat is Depressed
Photo by Debra Domal.

Another bonus was discovering that The Art of Science: Interdependencieswhich I thought I had missed, has remained on the walls, where it totally gives off “what creative connections will you make today?” vibes. So next time you’re there, lift your eyes from you screens and see what happens. 

Top photo by Debra Domal.

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