Smile Politely

Groce and players preview the EKU game

Ray Rice talked about Jeff Johnson and their championship team this afternoon at the Ubben & Corzine. Sam McLaurin added his own scouting report of the Colonels.

In his regular weekly teleconference, John Groce also scouted the Colonels. He says they’re #2 nationally in generating turnovers. Maybe not the best opponent for Tracy Abrams to get his groove back.

Intriguingly, Groce also said god’s greatest gift to us is choice. So I guess he’s pro-choice and pro-god. No wonder everyone loves him. There’s more. Groce promoted “faith with evidence” which suggests to me that he’s been reading Francis Collins, maybe even Bart Ehrman and Richard Dawkins (and the bible of course).

No mention of mustard seeds.

Finally, Brandon Paul & DJ Richardson are wrapping up their academic careers. It’s a bit wistful. They were also moved by hearing Chris Herren speak the other night, and they talked about that too.

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