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Hacienda Agave Mexican Grill will open in old Alexander’s location

A tray of multi-colored frozen margaritas. Four are garnished with a lime wedge.
La Casa Del Sol on Facebook

Per reporting in the News-Gazette, the old Alexander’s Steakhouse location (RIP happy hour burgers and massive Long Islands) will become Hacienda Agave Mexican Grill. Owners Maria Reyes and Arturo Rebollo have owned and operated Hoopeston’s La Casa Del Sol.

I imagine the menu at Hacienda Agave will resemble La Casa Del Sol’s, which has standard Americanized Mexican dishes like fajitas and tacos. Hopefully Hacienda Agave will also have the colorful margaritas that are all over La Casa Del Sol’s Facebook page. 

We’ll update you when we have more details.


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