Smile Politely

Handshake advice stirs echoes of Bad Religion

Those punks at McKinley Health Center claim to be protecting us from swine flu, but they’re really just chipping away at the foundations of the patronage system. “Nothing but a subtle ‘fuck you,'” indeed.

Because of ongoing concerns about the possibility of spreading the flu virus, students receiving degrees and their families should not shake hands at Commencement if they have symptoms of an upper respiratory infection such as fever and cough.

— from an email sent to students, faculty and staff of U of I from Robert D. Palinkas, M.D. Director, McKinley Health Center

every time you shake someone’s hand,
it determines where you stand,
and if you won’t uphold your side then it’s better to
fend for yourself, and shun the handshake,
someone’s gotta give

“The Handshake,” Bad Religion

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