Harvest Market in Champaign will host a two-day sampling event, The Big Feed, October 7th and 8th. The event is an opportunity for customers to meet some local producers (like Prairie Fruits Farm, Autumn Berry Inspiried, and Big Thorn Brewing), but more importantly, it's an opportunity to sample all the things. 

Here are the makers/producers slotted to be on hand, with samples and stories:


Prairie Farms
Chef Martin Old World
Butcher Shop
Fortune Fish & Gourmet
Borgman’s Dairy
Niman Ranch
Inspiro Specialty Coffee
Gourmet Boutique
Sartori Cheese
Columbus Italian Meats
Autumn Berry
Big Thorn Farm
Power Play Pizza


Heinkel Packing Co. (10 am to 5 pm)
Severson Farms (10 am to 2 pm)
Tierra Farms (10 am to 2 pm)
Green Meadow Farms (10 am to 2 pm)
Nabisco (10 am to 2 pm)
Green Pantry Nursery (10 am to 2 pm)
Soy Fabulous (10 am to 2 pm)
Dixon (10 am to 2 pm)
Little Farm on the Prairie (10 am to 2 pm)
Greens for you (2 to 4 pm)
Whiskey Acres (2 to 3:30 pm)
Flesor’s Candy (2 to 5 pm)


McKee Foods (11 am to 2 pm)
Grove Stone (11 am to 2 pm)
Umlands (11 am to 2 pm)
Triple S Farms (11 am to 2 pm)
Delight Flower Farm (11 am to 2 pm)
Power Play Pizza (11 am to 2 pm)
Columbia St. Roastery (11 am to 2 pm)
Pia Cheese (11 am to 2 pm)
RDM Shrimp (2 to 5 pm)
Maddox Farms (2 to 5 pm)
Two Men and a Garden (2 to 5 pm)
Big Thorn Farm & Brewing (2 to 5 pm)
Naked Bacon (2 to 5 pm)

More information is available on Facebook

Photo from Facebook.