Smile Politely

Have a Valentine’s drink and check out Cafe Kopi’s new interior

A close up of a white to-go cup of coffee. The background is a dark blue-gray wall with brown chairs and tables scattered throughout.
Julie McClure

Cafe Kopi has a fresh new look, and I’m a fan. The walls in their larger dining area are now a dark blue-gray, and it’s added to the coziness of the space.

They have some tasty seasonal drinks right now, with a Valentine’s theme: Strawberry Truffle Mocha, Sweetheart Latte, Rose Tea Latte, and The Match-a Maker. I tried the Strawberry Truffle Mocha last week, and it was delightful. I’m always a little wary of trying coffee drinks that layer on the flavors. I’ve sort of weaned myself off of those super sweet drinks over the years. This one was a low key level of sweetness, which I appreciated. It was certainly rich, because of the chocolate, and there was a nice hint of strawberry. It didn’t overpower the drink.

These are available for a limited time, so be sure to grab one soon.

Cafe Kopi
109 N Walnut
M-Su 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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