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Have you received your copy of the Chambana Sun?

If you found a copy of this fake newspaper tucked into your mailbox this week, you are not alone. These “publications” have been filling up mailboxes throughout this election cycle. 

It’s right wing propaganda, which is clear from just one glance at the headlines and images,  disguised as a “newspaper”, meant to mislead and fear monger. It’s also blatantly racist. They began showing up in various forms this fall, as reported by NPR. The names of the publications are tailored to the part of the state, so the it’s the Chambana Sun here, the Sangamon Sun in the Springfield area, and the DuPage Policy Journal in the suburbs. 

Photo by Jessica Hammie.

According to The News-Gazette, these publications are published by “Local Government Information Services, an Illinois-based publisher launched in part by Dan Proft, a conservative Chicago-based radio host and founder of the political action committee People Who Play By the Rules, which has spent millions in support of Republican gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey.” Proft appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show recently, in case you were sure about what sort of person he was.

Temperatures are about to cool off again this weekend, making it perfect for a nice firepit. These seem like great firestarting material. 

Top photo by Jessica Hammie.

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