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Hear from artist Kumasi J. Barnett on January 26th

A gallery wall has 10 rectangular art pieces in two rows of five. They look like comic book covers. Along the bottom of the wall it says In Blackest Shade, In Darkest Light in futuristic font.
Jessica Hammie

In Blackest Shade, In Darkest Light, an exhibit curated by U of I Associate Professor & Chair of Studio Arts Patrick Earl Hammie, opened in Parkland’s Giertz Gallery in November. Next week, you can hop online and hear from one of the featured artists, Kumasi J. Barnett. From the Giertz Gallery website:

“Barnett is influenced by the aesthetics and narratives of comic books. His work subverts and imbues the often-timeless genre with a present-day social consciousness. Riffing on classic superhero series including The Amazing Spider-ManThe Incredible  HulkSupermanDaredevil, and Captain America, the work included in this exhibition are from a series that includes 100 hand-painted comic book works pinned up in their clear plastic sleeves.”

Barnett’s artist talk is part of the Black on Black on Black on Black Lecture Series. It begins at 6 p.m. on January 26th. You can register for the event here. In Blackest Shade, In Darkest Light will be open through February 18th.

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