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Here are seven random things you can purchase at The I.D.E.A. Store right now

Today I decided to wander over to the The I.D.E.A. Store, since I had not yet checked out their new location, and I was reminded what a delightfully odd place it is. There were many times where the question “Now why in the hell would anyone need this?” floated through my mind, before I would quickly remind myself that there are a lot more creative and crafty people in this community than myself, and that there could be all sorts of purposes for the bins of items that I found — old film reel canisters, mismatched playing cards, souvenirs from other peoples’ vacations, etc. 

Anyway, here are some amazing things that I found today…maybe you need them?

1. Aerobics album from 1980-something

**Note: If you need a preview of what this album might entail, here is a visual representation.

2. Set of wolf masks

3. Old political campaign buttons

4. Creepy baby heads

5. Commerorative plate (perhaps this is a significant date in your life?)

6. Decorative wall hanging that says “Christina”

7. Rhinoceros bath beads (unfortunately the other 4 cards where not there)

Seriously though, The I.D.E.A. Store is a pretty great place whether you’re looking for some unique decor, office supplies, items for a school project, sewing essentials, and much more. And, their new location is super spacious and laid out well. Totally worth a visit. 

Top photo by Melinda Edwards, all others by Julie McClure

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