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Here are the winners from this year’s Innovation Celebration

This year’s Innovation Celebration by Champaign County EDC took place this past Friday evening at Parkland College, and here are the winners from the event (watch the videos as well):

Winners in bold:

Entrepreneurial Excellence: Social Venture Award

Serve as change agents by creating and implementing sustainable solutions to reshape society, benefit humanity, and address social concerns. 

  • The Land Connection
  • New American Welcome Center at the University YMCA
  • Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center

Entrepreneurial Excellence: Student Startup Award

Formed by students in the last three years and demonstrates a commitment to continuing success through entrepreneurial talent, creativity and energy.

  • RingWing, LLC
  • HexNest
  • DeepWalk

Entrepreneurial Excellence: New Venture Award

Formed in the last three years, and demonstrates a commitment to continuing success through entrepreneurial talent, creativity and energy.

  • AirScout, Inc.
  • EarthSense, Inc.
  • SimBioSys, Inc.

Entrepreneurial Excellence: Paul Magelli Advocacy Award

Actively engage, encourage, coach and mentor entrepreneurs in the community, and provide extensive support to help them achieve success.

  • Mark Aardsma
  • Edwin Moore
  • Roland Garton

Entrepreneurial Excellence: Management Award 

Demonstrates expertise in assembling resources, creating an organization, and working to build and implement effective action plans. 

  • Landon Frye, Jake Kreider, and Sophie Roney – Granular, Inc.
  • Shira Epstein and Dan Epstein – Champaign Outdoors /
  • James Langer – Serionix

Innovation: Economic Development Impact Award

Has made a significant economic development impact in the community and continues to demonstrate their commitment to Champaign County.

  • Small Business Incentive Program (City of Champaign)
  • Lodgic Everyday Community
  • Matt Cho (Cake Design Development)

2019 Innovation Transfer Award—University of Illinois 

Recognizes an individual or group from the University of Illinois whose research has resulted in either a discovery or a work with the potential for significant societal impact.

  • Dr. Andrew Alleyne – Thermosys™ / POETS Engineering Research Center

2019 Alexis Wernsing Innovation Award—University of Illinois

Recognizes an individual or team from the University of Illinois that has channeled their experience living with a disability into positive change through the creation of new products, environments, or protocols that enhance quality of life. 

  • Adam Bleakney – Illinois Wheelchair Athletics

2019 Innovation in Engagement Award—Parkland College 

Recognizes an individual or group at Parkland College who has shown support of the college’s community engagement mission. 

  • Peg Boyce – Dental Hygiene Program

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