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Here’s what you should know about Oktstonerfest this Saturday at Loose Cobra

The Loose Cobra (located at 113 E Main St, Tolono) is one of the best places in the area. I wrote about this Saturday’s Oktsonerfest in the Weekender, but you can check out all the information about tomorrow’s metal fest below from their press release:

The Loose Cobra in downtown Tolono, IL (just a quick 12 minute jaunt South down Route 45 from Champaign) will host its third annual Oktstonerfest this Saturday, October 7, which is pretty much tomorrow by most measuring staffs. The event features a full plate of heaviness, with several local bands supporting some additional guests from Chicago, St. Louis, and Atlanta. 7 bands in all will tee it up inside the Cobra, which is basically a double wide but with a bar where there would normally be a shower.

The bar opens at 1:00 for cold beer, vinyl records, pinball, and general grab-assery. Live music starts at 4:20 and continues until we just can’t take it anymore. Owner/promoter Matt will be buying pizzas for the entire crowd (no shit), which is estimated to be at quite a bit more than actually fit in the bar.  (Everyone is encouraged to throw in a few bucks for the pizza when it arrives so Matt doesn’t take a beating on this one [in contrast to the significant shirtless beating he took from members of Cloakroom and Sweet Cobra at the 2015 Oktstonerfest]). Drink specials will include such Bavarian staples as jello shots and scorpion pepper infused tequila. The evening culminates with a shopping cart full of scrap lumber set on fire.

Several outdoor bars, some scattered chairs, and the wreckage of a few wind-destroyed tents will provide a comfortable place to relax with your friends between bands, or at anytime you need a break.

Here’s the schedule, as we know it:

1:00 General grab-assery
4:20 Gonzo Diablo
5:20 redLeg
6:20 Earth Witch
7:20 Ashes and Iron (St. Louis)
8:00 (Pizza)
8:30 Dead Now (Atlanta)
9:15 shopping cart fire
9:30 Sweet Cobra (Chicago)
10:30 Electric Hawk (Chicago)

Attendees are encouraged to keep an eye on the Loose Cobra facebook page for the most current and detailed info. You could also visit, but you may find that less helpful, as it has not yet received its annual content update.

No cover. Donations happily accepted. Suggested donation is $10. $5 is great too. $10 is more. Look for the bucket on the speaker at the right hand side of the stage. That’s where your money goes. Please do not take money out of the bucket.

Matt would like to extend his sincere thanks to Analog Outfitters, Triptych Brewery, and the Upper Bout for their contributions in sponsoring this event. Please get to know these cool businesses and kind community members, and support them however/whenever you can!

Top photo from CobraFest last year, pictured is Sweet Cobra, photo by Marcella Hawley

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