Smile Politely

Hey, got a ‘70s-era house or a fun hipster apartment? Wanna be in a movie?

Leading Ladies, an independent feature film written and produced by a team of past and present Champaign-ites and with cast and crew from C-U, Chicago, Denver, and LA, will be filming at locations throughout the area during the month of June.

We’re looking for a 1970s-era house to film some quick exterior and interior scenes in at your convenience.  We’re thinking Brady Bunch-style and/or “typical” split-level ranch, but we’d love to look at anything you’re interested in sharing!

Also, need a fun, funky, open-floor-plan apartment or flat with interesting character and/or architecture, probably something that’s in an old house. A day or two of filming, and your abode could be seen at Sundance and beyond!

We’re also still looking for some crew interns/PAs and extras for the film. Interested in joining us for a dance musical film starring Lacey Schwimmer and Benji Schwimmer, of Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance fame, and with cinematography by an industry vet who’s worked with Robert Altman? Rawk!

All interested parties are encouraged to check out our website and e-mail the film’s location manager, David, @  [email protected].

Thank you Champaign!

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