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Holy moly — allegedly, George Papadopoulos went to grade school at South Side in Champaign

Another week, another Trump scandal. Par for the course in America 2017, but now that it’s Mueller Time, it seems the wheels might actually start to come off the silliest clown car to ever drive the streets of Washington D.C. 

A new name emerged this week: George Papadopoulos, a former policy advisor for the Trump campaign, who has secretly plead guilty for “making false statements” to the FBI. Now, he’s instead “cooperating” with the Mueller investigation, who is likely mounting one of the biggest cases against a sitting President in the history of the nation. 

Locally here, a few people were like “George Papadopoulos? I know that fucker!” and sure enough, that is because he went to South Side for a few years before moving up to Niles, Illinois to finish high school and then on to DePaul for college, and then on to allegedly colluding with Russian spies to basically ruin everything for everyone. 

I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence. And while I suppose there are no hard facts that back up that this George Papadopoulos is the same George Papadopoulos, it seems pretty clear based on the photos and the timeline of his age and education. 

Anyhow, we got a few tips, and these photos come from a local named Luke Mathews, who went to school with him back in the day. Check it out: 

Oh shit! It’s Kyle Patterson (D), County Board District 7. Oh shiiiiiittttttt it’s Megan Johns, a well known singer / songwriter who has recently moved out west. 


I think the burning questions are as follows: 

1. Is Mrs. Daly a secret agent for the government? Is that her real name? 

2. Are these pyramids connected to the Illuminati? Were they “Eyes of Providence?” Was Philip Weise colluding with George all the way back then? 

3. This was 1995-1996. Was Jack Kemp involved in any way? He always seemed like a real creep to me. I think he’s involved. I dunno. I have a phone call in to Rodney Davis’ office about it. 

Only time will tell, my friends, but the smoking gun is quite possibly here in Champaign-Urbana. 

UPDATE: A previous version of this article stated that the photos came anonymously, which they did at the time, but the person who took them has come forward. His name is Luke Mathews. 

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