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Honor the life and work of David Monk on May 20th 

Installation of Monk in Retrospective at IMC, Urbana. A collection of photographs of David Monk are on a white wall.
Debra Domal

Dave Monk, known in Champaign-Urbana as Prairie Monk, passed away at the end of last year at 91. For years he maintained Downtown Champaign’s Pocket Prairie, which was demolished in 2018. You can read more about Monk, his work, and his legacy here, here, here, and here.   

A celebration of his life will be held at the Kalyx Center for Sustainability in Monticello on May 20th. Here’s the schedule, per the Facebook event. 

Join The Friends of Heartland Pathways in celebrating the life and legacy of David Monk, The Prairie Monk, on Saturday, May 20, from 2pm and throughout the evening.

David Monk Memorial Celebration

at The Kalyx Center (436 E 1300 North Rd, Monticello, IL) on Saturday, May 20, from 2pm til after dark

Reflect in quiet spaces, take woodland walks, join in community singing (Please bring your Rise Up Singing if you have one!), enjoy puppetry, art activities, art display, and music.

4pm Gathering to share our thoughts and remember David

6pm Potluck (bring a dish to share!)

Bonfire at dusk

At 10:30 a.m. there will be a bench dedication on the Kickapoo Rail Trail:

Dedication of Memorial Bench on the Kickapoo Rail Trail,
with tribute remarks from Friends of Heartland Pathways, Champaign Park District, and Champaign County Forest Preserve District.
at mile 5-6 just west of St. Joseph

Urbana at University Avenue and High Cross Road go east on Rte 150 for 5 miles; past county road 2075E, turn right onto narrow side road; park in lot or along side of road. Rail trail is on the right.
In case of rain meet in the Lobby of the Wheelhouse on Main Street, St. Joseph.

David Monk Memorial Celebration
Kalyx Center
436 E 1300 North Rd
Sa May 20th, 2 p.m.


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