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How will you celebrate Pride this month?

A person in a black shirt is holding a large pride flag as they walk in a parade.
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It’s Pride Month, and though Pride Fest happens in the fall when students are back on campus, there are many Pride-related events happening in C-U and beyond in June. You’ll see several of them popping up in our posts.

This month our Editorial Board has turned our focus to the LGBTQ+ community, first writing about the need for a queer performance space in C-U, and this week bringing attention to the state of LGBTQ+ rights where we live. 

As right wing rhetoric grows increasingly violent and hateful, red state legislatures and governors are making their states increasingly unsafe and untenable for transgender individuals in particular. In turn, Illinois is increasing protections. As with abortion rights, we are an oasis of sorts, or we should be. Even with the laws of the state offering protection for things like abortion care, gender affirming care, and marriage equality, it does not mean that all is well. 

If you are a cisgender, heterosexual person, who is striving to be an ally, let’s enjoy Pride events. We are fortunate to have so many in our community. At the same time, we need to continually look for ways to use our voices and our dollars and our votes in support and solidarity.

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