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Humanities Research Institute announced the next cohort of Interseminars fellows

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In October, HRI announced that the theme of their second Mellon Foundation funded Interseminars project would be “Improvise and Intervene“. Through this project, faculty facilitators and graduate students from degree programs will “explore texts and creative works that grapple with pressing social issues and the multiple methods used in conducting and presenting research. They will also will study different genealogies of improvisation and intervention through reading, listening, and watching, while engaging in weekly improvisatory exercises and responses drawn from surrealism, documentary and neorealism, speculative fiction, theater, music, and other sources.” 

They’ve now chosen the nine graduate fellows that will be in this second of three cohorts of the Interseminars Initiative. Here they are, along with their degree programs.

  • Jackie Marie Abing – PhD in Sociocultural & Linguistic Anthropology
  • Marina Moscoso Arabía – PhD in Human Geography and GRID Interdisciplinary Minor
  • Joe Bowie –  MFA in Dance, affiliation with Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory
  • Etienne L. Fields – PhD in Recreation, Sport and Tourism
  • Gabriel Bruno Eng Gonzalez – MFA in Dance
  • Nathalie Sofia Martinez – PhD in Anthropology
  • Joseph Obanubi – MFA in Studio Arts, New Media
  • Sayak Roy –  PhD in Landscape Architecture
  • Dora Nicole Watkins – PhD in Social Work, Minor in Gender & Women Studies

They will be led by faculty conveners Maryam Kashani (Gender and Women’s Studies and Asian American Studies), Junaid Rana (Asian American Studies), and R. Elizabeth Velásquez Estrada (Latina/Latino Studies. You can learn more about the project, and the fellows, at the HRI website.

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