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Humbleweed Farm’s Instagram is worth a follow

Humbleweed Farm, a quarter acre farm in Champaign run by Miky Eum, shares fascinating insights to the no-till farm growing Korean veggies and specialty produce in the farm’s Instagram stories. 

Earlier this month, Eum shared about a Japanese beetle infestation on the farm’s basil plants and how she handled it without using insecticides. She shared the trap she used with natural floral and sex attractants to lure the beetles away from her crops — and provide feed to Delight Flower Farm’s chickens.

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I also loved seeing this comparison photo of grocery garlic compared to the Champaign farm’s garlic.

Photo from Humbleweed Farm’s Instagram.

For more farming behind the scenes, follow Humbleweed Farm on Instagram, and read our interview with Eum about the farm.

Humbleweed Farm

Top image from Humbleweed Farm’s Instagram page.

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