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I love these flowers near Lincoln Square

A cluster of sunflowers with a tudor style building in the background.
Julie McClure

I park in these spots outside Lincoln Square’s north entrance, across from the Independent Media Center, a couple of times a week. In the last few weeks, I’ve really been drawn to these clusters of…sunflowers? These are a type of sunflower, right?

A cement island with meters has three sections of tall sunflower plants. In between are bricks. There is a black lamppost at one end, and brick buildings in the background.
Julie McClure

I just think make this boring little strip of parking spots and meters quite lovely. Not sure if it’s the City of Urbana that plants them, or someone else, but I’m a fan.

Also peep the Hotel Royer in the background there. It almost looks like a real hotel! Unfortunately it still will not be that until the end of February.

Managing Editor

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