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I ate this Thanksgiving calzone and I don’t feel bad about it

Somehow I have never been aware of this tasty concoction that D.P. Dough whips up every year at this time. It’s called the Thanksgiving Zone, and it has your Thanksgiving dinner all tucked nicely into a pocket of dough. There’s turkey, stuffing, and gravy, then some American and mozzerella cheese to bind it all together, and you get some cranberry sauce to dip it in. 

You may be skeptical, dear reader. I was too, as my calzone eating experience has only included your typical pizza toppings. But, I was not disappointed. It’s a lovely little bundle of comfort food in a rather delicious crust. 

Note: I was unable to tackle this beast all in one sitting. I am a mere mortal. I look forward to my leftovers tomorrow, in keeping with the Thanksgiving theme.

Photo by Julie McClure

Managing Editor

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