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I need help deciding which REO Speedwagon song was their absolute and true greatest hit

REO Speedwagon is one of two musical artists to achieve massive — truly massive — success from Champaign-Urbana. The other is Alison Krauss. There are lots of bands and musicians who have done big big stuff, too, but in this case, I am talking literally top of the charts, arena tour, top festival billing, style success. 

Anyhow, REO Speedwagon had two number one hits in the 1980s: 

“Keep on Lovin’ You” from Hi Infidelity (1981)

“Can’t Fight This Feeling” Wheels are Turnin’ (1984)
I have been having an internal debate about this for weeks now, and it’s time to end that debate. Here’s some facts: 
Both were #1 hits. 
The album that “Keep on Loving You” is from was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Performance, losing to The Police. And rightfully so. But still. 
“Can’t Fight This Feeling” was #1 for three weeks, but only stayed on the charts for 18 total weeks. 
“Keep On Loving You” was on the charts for 28 weeks. 
“Can’t Fight This Feeling” is certified Gold, selling over 500K copies. 
“Keep On Loving You” is certified Platinum selling over 1M copes. 
They are essentially the same song, as far as structure, lyrics, and identity. 
Photo from Flickr with permission from its owner

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