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I regret to inform Rodney Davis that there are no “hamberders” left

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 24 hours, last night, President Trump and the White House hosted the Clemson Tigers football team — undefeated national champions this year. Trump decided to serve McDonald’s and other forms of fast food, because that’s just the type of “human” he appears to be. 

As Trump tweeted this morning, all of those “hamberders” are now gone. “Big eaters” he said!

That said, our IL 13 Representative Rodney Davis wants in on this action. There has to be some hamberders left, right? And he doesn’t just want in, he wants the leftovers because he’s “a @McDonalds family”, whatever that means.

Who is going to tell Hot Rod there isn’t anything left?

While I’m not above McDonald’s, you can just peer directly into the world of Rodney Davis, who we know sides with Trump often.

Executive Editor

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