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IL Breaks getting some love from the Dubstep and Electro scenes

We’re very excited about the upcoming Dubstep v. Electro show which is now going to be held at Highdive. All indications are that Cowboy Monkey would not be nearly big enough to hold both the dubstep and the electro scenes in this town. That makes us happy.

We’re also very excited that on the same night, one of the best and longest running music events in Champaign, IL Breaks, will be happening just a few miles away at the Ilini Union.

A lot of the people that throw dubstep events in this town helped set up and run previous IL Breaks. Those same people, and a LOT of the dubstep fans have been supporting IL Breaks for years. We still support it.

So instead of making a competition between the two events that night, we’re going to be handing out FREE TICKETS at IL Breaks to the DUBSTEP v. ELECTRO show at the Highdive. Just find a member of our street team at IL Breaks and they’ll hook you up. We want people actually going to IL Breaks and then coming to dance themselves at Highdive. There will be a limit of one ticket free ticket per person because we want you to actually witness the IL Breaks experience because it is such a great event.

We hope that people will support both events as they’re perfect examples of what independent promoters and local music lovers can accomplish working together in Champaign.


The 217 Mafia

Facebook event for il Breaks:

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