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Illinois students can audition for Inner Voices Social Issues Theatre this week

The University of Illinois’ Inner Voices Social Issues Theatre, a collaborative program through the Illinois Counseling Center and Theatre at Illinois, is holding auditions for future productions from 5 to 6 p.m. on Wednesday, August 25th and Thursday, August 26th at Allen Hall. Auditions can also be arranged by appointment.

Inner Voices “addresses complex, timely and often difficult social issues that connect deeply to university community(ies) and beyond. Through performances followed by post-performance audience dialogues, we commit ourselves to the cultivation of this social space for rich civic dialogue that is vital to the wellness of community. With an eye on civic engagement and social justice,we concern ourselves with where and how change can be made. Understanding performance as inherently dialogic, we engage live theatre as a catalyst for conversation. Audience members are presented with the opportunity to engage in dialogue with one another as they consider how subtle and not-so-subtle actions and behaviors in everyday situations affect thoughts, attitudes, mindsets, and, ultimately, the health and social relations of a community and its members.” 

For more information visit the Inner Voices website, or follow them on Facebook.

Top photo from the Inner Voices Facebook page.

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