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Immersion Festival announces 2021 return

In a Facebook post on Monday, August 9, Immersion Festival announced that the music and arts festival will be returning on August 28. There will be a series of shows happening in downtown Urbana throughout the day. 

From the Facebook post:

Hello friends! It has been to long since we have been able to gather and share our mutual appreciation for music and art. That is why the immersion team is really excited to announce the return of the festival this year! On August 28th several shows will be happening in downtown Urbana over the course of the day. Please join us at Rosebowl Tavern, Urbana Dance Company and Sipyard throughout the day! Links to the events will be in the comments and detailed over the coming week! We have missed you and we are looking forward to getting together again!!!!

Immersion Festival began in 2019 and features a blend of music and art with pre-recorded performances, workshops, visual arts displays, video arts projections, and more. You can check out Gavin’s interview with Jake Metz — the founder of Immersion Festival — here, as well as keep up with the festival on their Facebook.

Top image from Immersion Festival’s Facebook page.

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