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“Improvise and Intervene” is the new interseminars project from Humanities Research Institute

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Humanities Research Institute on Facebook.

Humanities Research Institute has received a $2 million Mellon Foundation grant for it’s second Interseminars Initiative project, Improvise and Intervene. It will be led by professors Maryam Kashani (Gender and Women’s Studies and Asian American Studies), Junaid Rana (Asian American Studies) and R. Elizabeth Velásquez Estrada (Latina/Latino Studies).

This project is the second of three, and in it, “faculty and students will explore texts and creative works that grapple with pressing social issues and the multiple methods used in conducting and presenting research. They will also will study different genealogies of improvisation and intervention through reading, listening, and watching, while engaging in weekly improvisatory exercises and responses drawn from surrealism, documentary and neorealism, speculative fiction, theater, music, and other sources.” 

An application for graduate student fellowships is now open, and will remain open until November 18th.

You can learn more about the full scope of the interseminars initiative at the HRI website.

Top photo from HRI Facebook page.

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