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Instagram Story Takeover with Bluestem Hall Nature School

Sidewalk surrounded by green grass and small children walking away
Bluestem Hall Nature School

Next Tuesday, May 28th, we’re handing our Instagram to Bluestem Hall Nature School for our next installment in our Instagram Story Takeover series. Julie wrote a feature story about the school back in 2021 if you’re interested in checking that out.

Follow us at @SmilePolitely on Instagram so you don’t miss it, and read more about Bluestem below:

Bluestem Hall Nature School is located in Urbana, IL on the ecologically diverse 120 acre Barnhart Prairie Nature Preserve. Serving students ages 3-7, this small Nonprofit program is opening their new K-1 class this fall! Their program fosters rich learning, place-based literacy, and a deep and lifelong sense of belonging to the natural world through slowness and freedom. In modeling healthy relationships that establish trust of self, trust of others, kindness, empowerment, and body autonomy, BNHS students always have the support to be their authentic selves.

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