Smile Politely

It feels like a Cheese & Crackers day to me

On a warm summer day, I like nothing more than a hefty sandwich and some salty chips. Why is that so satisfying? Maybe I’m reminded of spending the day on the beach, or maybe I’m just craving salt. I don’t question it too much.

I really enjoy the sandwiches at Cheese & Crackers (the Italian is my favorite). I know some people don’t like how hard the baguette can be, and that’s valid, but I don’t mind it. Cheese & Crackers also serves hot sandwiches, which is a lovely addition to the mix.

Don’t forget to grab a bag (or two) or chips, and a fancy soda.

Cheese & Crackers
1715 W Kirby Ave
10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily

Photo by Jessica Hammie


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