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It’s time for Friday Night Live

A band is set up in the center of a street, looking out to a crowd of people gathered in front of them. There are brick buildings lining either side of the street.
Friday Night Live on Facebook

Friday Night Live is one of my favorite summer in C-U things, so I am thrilled that the season is finally here. Friday, June 2nd, will be the first event of the summer. I love to sit outside on one of the many restaurant patios to listen to the acts at Neil and Park and Neil and Church. I’m also a fan of the Market and Taylor spot because I can easily grab a beer at Pour Bros. to enjoy while I listen. It sure would be great if the city brought back the Downtown Festival District for Friday Night Live events, so that I could get myself a slushie from Watson’s to enjoy as I wander. Just sayin’. Follow Friday Night Live on Facebook to stay up to date on what’s happening each week.

Here is the lineup for this week:

Market and Taylor:

6 p.m.: Dan Hubbard – singer/songwriter/Americana

7 p.m.: Modern Drugs – Midwest pop

Neil and Park:

6 p.m.: Catseye – rock/pop/blues/funk

7 p.m.: Booth Blues – funky/Americana/pop

Neil and Church (One Main Plaza):

6 p.m.: Mid-October – alternative/indie

7 p.m.: Kittens Incorporated – breezy pop

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