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Japan House has a really cool box of goodies for Valentine’s Day

Japan House regularly puts together “Japan House Cares” boxes, filled with unique items to gift to someone. This month, their Ai no Hako (Box of Love) is a great option to share with someone you love: a friend, partner, family member…whoever might appreciate being recognized. For $80, you’ll get:

  • Japanese Spa – Turn your bath into a Japanese spa by adding these fragrant hinoki (Cypress) flakes from the Kochi Prefecture of Japan. 
  • Nippon Kodo Enchanted Mood Incense Cones (Wine & Lotus) – Nippon Kodo is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of traditional Japanese incense for over 400 years. Set the mood by lighting the small cone of Lotus which has an elegant and pure scent or of Wine which is more mellow and luscious.
  • Chikondi Craft Chocolates (2 of each flavor; total of 12 truffles) – Japan House is thrilled to partner with a new local female owned business that is introducing bean to bar high end chocolates. Delight in 6 delicious, rich flavors which includes: Cherry Chocolate Cordials, Frangelico Hazelnut, Honeysuckle Lavender, Raspberry Balsamic, Sea Salt Caramel, and Strawberry Champagne truffles!
  • Enjoy Sake! – Japan House has included a beautiful silver/blue glass sake server and two traditional frosted white glass cups for you to serve sake. Though the cups are small, sake is to be treated like wine and should be sipped. (Note: Sake is not included)
  • Japan House Kohakuto – Kohakuto is a traditional Japanese sweet that is made from agar agar, sugar, and water. It has a crunchy outer shell and soft and chewy inside. 

The box will also include a handmade card, created by a Japan House intern. Proceeds from the box, and any item purchased in the Japan House online store, go to support Japan House programming. Orders will be shipped February 10th.

Top image from Japan House website.

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